Solar Rebate Options

Rebates and Incentives

DSC00068Stockbridge Regional Solar Installation ProviderSolar projects often qualify for a number of government incentives. Potential subsidies include: rebates, tax credits, grants, Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), and accelerated depreciation. In some cases the combination of Federal, State, and local subsidies can offset up to 70% of the total installed cost.


Rebate programs can be hard to navigate and application processes leave little room for error. As an additional benefit to you, Stockbridge Energy Group’s Project Developers will identify the available funds your solar power system is qualified for, and our rebate specialists will process, manage, and track your applications to payment.


In many cases, you can avoid waiting for rebates from administering agencies all together, because Stockbridge Energy Group will reduce the cost of your solar power installation upfront, and worry about the rebate so you don’t have to.